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Can You Use Physiotherapy Massage to Treat Headaches?

Did you know that seven million people throughout Australia suffer from headaches? In many cases, their pains are due to tension headaches, but there's also a high number of people trying to combat migraines. Although medications are available, some people choose to use physiotherapy alongside them or as an alternative. Physiotherapy massage is especially beneficial, and you may want to learn more about why.

Massage can relax muscles that are making a contribution

With the sternocleidomastoid and trapezius muscles providing your head and neck with support, they have the potential to make headaches more common. Throughout the day, you may find that you're holding tension in both muscles. If they eventually tighten, you could find yourself experiencing referred pain that causes tension headaches.

When you choose a physiotherapist who offers massage, they will assess both muscles. If they feel as though they're contributing to your headache, they'll use massage and exercises to loosen them, giving you the chance to live a comfier life.

Inducing a state of sleep and relaxation

Around 90% of people in Australia suffer from a sleep disorder. While not all of those people will encounter headaches, the resulting anxiety that comes with making it through the day while feeling sleep deprived can increase stress levels. As headaches tie in closely with stress, it's worth addressing such causative underlying factors.

Massage is excellent for promoting relaxation, especially when you commit to it on a regular basis. Alongside techniques such as sleep hygiene, it can make sleeping easier, giving you the chance to enjoy a restful existence. 

Your physiotherapy massage could promote better posture

While your neck muscles play a strong role in supporting your head, other structures play their part too. If you spend most of your days holding yourself incorrectly, you could find that you're causing inflammation in your c-spine. After a while, continuous poor posture becomes a habit, which is difficult to break.

Using a combination of massage therapies and movements that address your posture, your physiotherapist can make life easier for your c-spine. After some time, the additional strength should reduce your headaches, and some people find that they dissipate altogether.

If headaches are an ongoing problem for you, discuss your concerns with a doctor and a physiotherapist. In most cases, the causes aren't serious. By turning to physical therapies rather than relying on painkillers, you're working alongside your body to find a resolution that doesn't come with side effects.